Written Contracts with Pennsylvania Roofing Contractors

Any time you decide to get roofing work done in Pennsylvania, you should have a written contract in place. This is a safeguard between you and the contractor. The last thing you want is the work to be subpar or not finished at all. With a written contract, you can verify what the agreement was. If necessary, you can use that to back you up in a court of law.

Cost of Roofers

The overall cost for the Pennsylvania roofing contractors work needs to be in that contract. It should have a total cost and also break it down. The cost for roofing materials, for labor and for hauling away the removed items should all be itemized. What are the terms for payment? It isn’t unusual for the roofing company to ask for a percentage of the total price as a down payment.

The rest will be due upon completion of the job. You never want to pay the roofers in full upfront because if they do disappear with your money, it is almost impossible to get it back. While most roofing contractors are legitimate, that isn’t always the case. You have to cover your own end of things.

If your insurance will be paying any portion of the cost, the contract will likely include a stipulation that you are legally responsible for any costs they don’t pay. The Pennsylvania roofing contractors will include this to cover them from loss. They don’t want to be the third party in the middle between you and your insurance provider. The bottom line is they work for you and they want to be paid. Should the insurance deny the claim or only pay a percentage, you are legally going to owe them the rest.

Start to Finish Date

When you need roofing work done in Pennsylvania, you don’t want to be put on the back burner. The problem will only continue to get worse. You do need to respect that the roofing companies have other jobs ahead of yours. Yet they should give you a time when they can start and how long it will take to complete the roofing work. This helps you to be prepared for them to show up. Those dates should be included in the contract.

There may be issues beyond their control though that slows them down. You do need to be considerate of weather conditions or other issues that arise that can cause delays. You may have a claim against them though if they just fail to show up and get the work done.

Roofing Materials to be Used

The roofing contractor should explain the types of materials that will be used. This is important in case you ever need to have anything replaced. It is also to verify the cost as you don’t want to be charged for high end materials and then discover they used cheaper ones to complete the work. If there is a warranty on the materials that should also be in the contract. The contractor may also extend a separately warranty for the quality of their work.